Our Recycling Technology

Mechanical Recycling

The process of mechanical recycling is the process of converting plastics and tyre waste into a secondary raw material without changing the chemical structure of the material.

 The usual process involves mechanical forces without any heat treatment, for example, shredding, crushing, rolling, bending, centrifuge, and grinding, etc.

Thermo-Mechanical Recycling

A process that uses high temperatures that are boiling point and shear forces to cause thermal and mechanical degradation of polymers, affecting polymer chain length and distribution.

This process may change the mechanical and thermal properties of the material, as well as the mechanical strength.

Thermo-Chemical Recycling

A process that uses high temperature to break the polymers into their short-chain polymers (or monomers) to produce new material.

An example of thermochemical recycling is the pyrolysis process which is the heating of recyclable material (e.g., plastic or tyres) in the absence of oxygen, and converting material into various solid, liquid and gaseous fuels.