About Us

Who Are We?

Plastics & Tyre Recycling Pty Ltd (“PTR”) ACN: 654 898 665 is a plastics and tyre recycling company that specialises in the recycling of hydrocarbon-based waste to obtain the highest and best value resources and products. 

PTR has partnered with Behind-The-Meter Pty Ltd trading as ‘Energy Consulting Engineers’ (or ‘ECE’) a Professional Engineering practice to develop a proprietary pyrolysis technology as a solution to reducing the plastics and tyre wastage in Australia.

The processing technology was developed by our affiliated (Energy Consulting Engineers) team of Post-Doctorate Researchers and highly qualified and accredited engineers.

  • Biochemical, Chemical.
  • Electro-Chemical.
  • Mechanical.
  • Petroleum.
  • Thermodynamics Engineering.

Our Mission

Supported by our affiliated team of researchers, Plastics & Tyre Recycling Pty Ltd will remain at the leading edge of processing technology and solution development to play a pivotal role in the recycling industry whilst promoting a circular economy.

Our Research Team


Ahmed El Safty

BE(Chem), CEng, RPEQ, PDG Fin Mgt, MIChemE, MEIANZ, MIEAust, NER, APEC Engineer, IntPE(Aus)

Mr El Safty is the founding Director and the Company’s Principal Engineer with 37 years of experience in the energy sector. He is chartered with the Royal Institution of Chemical Engineers, registered with the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland and a member of the Institution of Engineers Australia.

With over 30 years of research and development experience in the energy sector in the USA, Saudi Arabia and Australia he has set up one of the world’s leading battery technology research facilities that employ 8 multi-disciplinary post-doctorate researchers who are supported by 14 engineers and scientists.

More recently, Mr El Safty has signed the Company to a Research Hub that incorporates 6 of Australia’s leading tertiary education and research institutions, together with 7 other corporations to further develop and commercialise energy storage technologies. As part of this research, the Company shall be developing the grid stabilization application of its Hybrid Graphene Battery and the development of Sodium based battery.

  • CSR R&D Engineer in Synthetic Fuel production;
  • Caltex Oil as fuel and lubricants engineer;
  • Applied Chemicals as a Petroleum Systems Engineer;
  • Environautics as the Principal Engineer and Managing Director;
  • His current position is Principal Engineer & CEO.

Dr Payam Mousavioun

PhD (Chem), MSc (Mech), BE (Chem), MIChemE

Dr. Mousavioun is a well-qualified Chemical and Mechanical Engineer with a thorough understanding of thermodynamics and thermodynamic processes. As an innovative and quality-focused Systems Engineer with over 20 years’ experience managing engineering projects, Dr Mousavioun has exceptional core engineering skills that include;

  • System design, manufacturing and commissioning of renewable energy facilities, that incorporate generation, storage and back-up;
  • EPCM Project engineering, estimating, planning, procurement, construction and project control;
  • Biomass Processing and Lignin Extraction from Sugarcane Bagasse;
  • Project Engineering – delivering projects through full life cycle from concept to feasibility, design, execution and commissioning phases;
  • Research and design development of thermodynamic systems;
  • Systems simulation using CAD;

Dr Xujun Chen

PhD (Chem), MSc (Chen), BE (Chem)

Xujun is highly experienced in both the energy and mining industries. Throughout his career as a researcher, Xujun has contributed to several projects in the thermochemical utilization of biomass and biowaste. Xujun has published more than 20 papers in journals as an author and co-author via collaboration with many other researchers in Australia, Europe and China.

Xujun key skills include:

  • Biomass pre-treatment, processing and thermochemical utilization;
  • Characterization of biomass and the derived products, including gas, tar and char.
  • Research and design of novel reactors for biomass pyrolysis and gasification;
  • Nutrients recovery from biomass and biowaste;
  • The control of pollutant emission during thermochemical utilization of biomass and fossil fuel;

Dr Syed Raza

PhD (Chem), MSc (Chen), BE (Chem)

Dr Raza is a well-qualified Chemical and Mechanical Engineer with over 15 years of experience. Dr. Raza has a thorough understanding of thermodynamics and thermodynamic processes at a bench-scale, pilot-scale and operational scale.

Dr Raza’s core competencies include;

  • Research and design development of thermodynamic systems;
  • Permeability measurement using Triaxial stress permeameter;
  • Measurement of: porosity; density and; pore size distribution using Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry;
  • Conducting proximate, ultimate analysis, calorimetry, petrographic analysis and Adsorption Isotherm;
  • Instrumentation assembly for transducers, regulators, strain gauges, ISCO pump;
  • LabView programming for data logging, controlling and monitoring of instruments;
  • Sample preparation and storage;
  • Flow network connections using Swagelok flow system;
  • Designing, manufacturing, and commissioning of equipment/apparatus;
  • Modeling and simulation using Matlab and Comsol;
  • Data analysis and technical report writing;
  • Effective communication, project presentation, staff and laboratory management;

Dr. Ming Zhang

PhD & BE (Chemical Engineering)

Dr. Ming is a skilled chemist with an in depth knowledge of geochemistry and pyrolysis. She has spent 7 years devoted to the production and characterization of oil fuels and 3 devoted to education.

Some of Dr. Ming’s key skills/accomplishments include:

  • Organic compositional analysis and fuel property characterization of bio-oil
  • Established a method for quantification of inorganic species in bioslurry fuels using IC and ICP-OES.
  • Developed novel fuel products using waste materials (i.e. biodiesel and bio-oil by-products).
  • Developed a new method for bio-oil separation
  • Projects on leaching behaviours in bioslurry systems; bed agglomeration and emission characteristics during pyrolysis and combustion of bio-oil based fuels.
  • Experience in modification of laboratory pyrolysis reactor system

Dr. David Adekoya

Bachelor of Industrial Chemistry (BCH (Hons), Master of Engineering (MSc) in Chemical Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy in Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Dr David is a skilled analytical research chemist and chemical engineer with over 8 years of demonstrated academic and industrial research experience in the chemical, energy, food, and beverage industries. Dr. David has published over 20 peer-reviewed publications in top-tier journals in his field of expertise and collaborated with leading researchers from Canada, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, and China. 

Some of Dr. David’s key skills/accomplishments include:

  • Developed an effective method for extraction of neem oil from neem tree seed and bark for cosmetic and medicinal purposes;
  • Experienced in Wet/dry analytical chemistry, nanomaterial synthesis, material engineering, and composite fabrication;
  • Highly skilled in materials characterization using state of the art imaging equipment such as the SEM, AFM, Raman Spectroscopy, and EDS machines;
  • Designed novel photocatalysts for photocatalytic conversion of CO2 to methanol, formic acid, and methane;
  • Experienced in using electrochemical techniques such as Cyclic voltammetry, Impedance spectroscopy, Galvanostatic Charge/Discharge Principles
  • Developed and reported the first graphitic carbon nitride-based material for rechargeable potassium ion battery;
  • Practical expertise in computational chemistry using Density Functional theory for studying functional materials;